Welcoming warmly and near many main European cities, Tunisia has become for many years, a destination of choice of  ‘’ health tourism ‘’, especially in the cosmetic surgery field.

The high quality of medical equipments and hotel facilities allow us to receive many patients for a face rejuvenation, a correction of fat excess or for any other plastic reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, with a very low cost, 40% cheaper than in Europe.

The pleasant weather encourages the patient to take additional days of rest or to have hydrotherapy and spa sessions.

 We have to remind you that a good medical approach necessitates a direct contact with the surgeon before any decision. The patient has to receive the most complete information concerning his/her surgical program.  Health travel is not a commercial touristic stay, to choose in a catalog.


In this spirit, my personal approach with the patients has to be professional, personalized and multi-disciplinary. The surgical procedures are realized in a new and modern clinic: clinic of la Soukra.
These are the key successes of a plastic , reconstructive and cosmetic surgery program.